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Alpaca Livery

As well as trekking, we are also freely available for advice in any regards to the care, maintenance and breeding of your animals.

If you are new to the herding life and would like some help with caring and accommodating for your alpacas our livery service is just what you need (see details below for more information and price). The first step is an initial visit to our farm where Natalie and the team are waiting to discuss all options available with you, this ensures your confidence in making an educated decision. 

£22 per week 

Once you have chosen your new fleecy companions we will care for them as part of our own herd and will help you to learn all about looking after your animals.

As part of our weekly price we ensure the day to day care of your furry friends and their health and safety is priority

You can arrange regular visits to come and spend time with your alpacas and know that when you can't be with them, they are getting the very best care.

If you want to expand your herd we can arrange for stud services. We can also advise you if you decide to show your animals.

Our exclusive livery service means that we do all the hard work, leaving you free to focus on developing and, more importantly, enjoying your small herd.

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