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Adventure Treks

At our other farm in Goole we have our boys. This farm is located next to parkways, farmers fields and bridleways. This experience will get you out in the countryside for a long afternoon trek with our beautiful creatures.


You will first get to know your alpaca, feeding them and getting to know the main details of alpaca handling. You will help to herd the animals and safely put their head collars on. Then we will set out into the countryside on a 2/3 hour hour trek which will give you loads of time to get pictures, get to know and fully experience how wonderful these beautiful creatures are. 

Please note: Due to the longer and more adventurous nature of these walks, persons must be 13 years or older. This is a 2 person (2 tickets) minimum trek. Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking. 


Address: Moorfields Lane, DN14 7RP 

Telephone: 07427557876


Opening Hours: We're open Monday to Sunday for bookings and Monday to Friday for all your enquiries. Please note our availability during winter months may vary.

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